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White Star Line Chairman Descendant Joins Titanic II Project


A descendant of White Star Line’s Chairman and Titanic survivor, Joseph Bruce Ismay, will be one of Mr Clive Palmer’s honorary guests at the Titanic gala dinner at the Natural History Museum in London in December.

Mr Palmer said Terry Ismay has also agreed to join the advisory board of Blue Star Line’s Titanic II project.

“The Blue Star Line Titanic II advisory board members will consist of descendants of crew and passengers of the original Titanic,” he said.

“Members of the advisory board will be tasked with providing suggestions and recommendations to Blue Star Line to ensure the Titanic II appropriately and respectfully pays homage to Titanic, her crew and passengers.”

Joseph Bruce Ismay was an English businessman who, after his father’s death in 1899, succeeded him as the chairman of White Star Line. During his time as chairman he was renowned as building some of the most luxurious and safest vessels to sail.

In 1907, Joseph Bruce Ismay set about building a new ship, which would not only be fast but it would also have huge steerage capacity and luxury unparalleled in the history of ocean-going steamships. Built to attract the wealthy and the prosperous middle class, Joseph Bruce Ismay’s Titanic set sail from Southampton on April 10, 1912.

Mr Palmer said the London gala dinner has also been created to celebrate Titanic’s past, present and future, with guests set to enjoy the same 11 course menu as passengers on Titanic enjoyed on April 14, 1912.

“A collection of original items salvaged from Titanic will be on display at the Natural History Museum,” he said.

“Entertainment on the night will pay homage to British history and culture with feature performance by the Metropolitan Police Service Band, the British Imperial Military Band and the Emerald Society Police Band.”

Titanic II, a full scale version of the original ship, is being designed by the Finnish-based Deltamarin ship design and marine engineering company and will be built by leading Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling Shipyard, which since 1996 has built vessels for customers from more than 20 countries