Welcome to the home of the Titanic II
Blue Star Line

Halifax To Enjoy A Titanic Breakfast


Blue Star Line has announced a formal breakfast in the Canadian port city of Halifax to celebrate the shipping company’s Titanic II project and honour Halifax’s solemn ties with the Titanic.

The Halifax event will be held to recognise the significance of the city’s role in the original ship’s history

Titanic II World Project Director Ms Baljeet Singh said the Halifax breakfast will be held at the Lord Nelson Hotel on Friday, December 7, 2012, and will be hosted by former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell.

Miss Singh said she felt it was important that Halifax be included in the celebrations of Titanic II and the commemoration and remembrance of the original vessel.

“For many of those who sailed on Titanic’s maiden voyage in April 14, 1912, Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, is where their journey came to an end,” Ms Singh said.

“The event will serve to commemorate and recognise Halifax’s very special relationship with Titanic and their enormous contribution to her legend.”

The Halifax breakfast has been announced following unprecedented worldwide interest in Blue Star’s announcement of a global launch of the Titanic II project in New York, as well as worldwide interest in his shipping company’s Titanic II project.

Ms Singh said Blue Star Line’s Titanic II is scheduled to set sail from Southampton to New York on her maiden passenger voyage in 2016, retracing the original journey of her namesake.