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Blue Star Line

New Date for Titanic II Macau Event

Shipping company Blue Star Line has announced a new date next year for the Macau Titanic II event as well as rescheduling five other Titanic II events around the world.

In April, 2012, Mr Clive Palmer, a leading Australian businessman and owner of Blue Star Line, declared to the world his intention to build Titanic II, a full-scale recreation of the world’s most famous cruise liner.

The six Titanic II events were originally scheduled to take place in December, 2012. However, following the devastation caused in New York and along the east coast of the United States by Hurricane Sandy the decision was made to postpone all events until 2013.

World Project Director of Titanic II, Ms Baljeet Singh, said the Macau event will be held at the Venetian on Saturday, February 16, 2013.

The global launch of Titanic II will take place on February 26 in New York while other events will be held on February 25 in Boston, March 1 in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada as well as the events in England in London and Southampton on March 5.

In April, 2012, Blue Star Line signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese company CSC Jinling to build Titanic II, and since then plans for the ship have been commenced by Finnish-based marine design and engineering company Deltamarin.

Ms Singh said Blue Star Line was thrilled to appoint CSC Jinling, which was founded in 1952, to build the Titanic replica.

“CSC Jinling has delivered and exported hundreds of big vessels to their buyers in more than 20 countries and regions and maintains a high reputation in both the domestic and international shipbuilding industry,” she said.

“Their high quality product includes RORO vessels, oil and chemical tankers, platform supply vessels, container vessels, multi-purpose vessels, bulk carriers and floating docks and semi-submarine barges.

“Titanic II offers a tremendous opportunity for CSC Jinling to showcase their abilities and grow their business in the luxury market.”

Titanic II is scheduled to set sail from Southampton to New York on her maiden passenger voyage in 2016.