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First Class Entertainment For Macau’s Titanic II Dinner

Blue Star Line Chairman Mr Clive Palmer has announced an array of entertainment will travel with him from Australia and abroad to perform for more than 500 guests at a Titanic II Gala Dinner in Macau.

Australian singers, bands and a theatre troupe will be paired with a South Korean guitarist to complete the entertainment for the evening.

Mr Palmer said it was important the entertainment at the Gala Dinner represents the entertainment that was performed on the original RMS Titanic in 1912.

“The entertainment represents both established and up and coming artists,” he said.

“This event will serve as a mark of respect to Titanic, her passengers and crew and the craftsmanship as well as look to the future and celebrate Titanic II and the relationship she will have with China.

“It is important the food, service and entertainment on the evenings reflect the elegance and grandeur that the first class passengers would have experienced on the fateful night of April 14, 1912, as well as the present day and guests aboard Titanic II.”

Legendary Australian rock singer Glenn Shorrock, Queensland’s premier Irish Band McGuinness & Co, Leonie Collins’ Titanic Performance Troupe and South Korean YouTube sensation Sungha Jung make up the entertainment for the evening.

Mr Palmer said the events will be a fantastic opportunity for the performers, old and new, to engage with new audiences.

“I have chosen up and coming performer, Sungha Jung, because I am a great supporter of young talent,” he said.

“Sungha Jung’s ability to captivate and enthral millions of viewers from his YouTube videos is tantamount to not only his musical talent but also his reference to both classical and modern pieces.

“McGuinness & Co and Leonie Collins’s Titanic Performance Troupe both performed at the ‘Titanic Culinary Journey’, which was held at the Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

“McGuinness & Co entertained the guests with an assortment of Irish jigs and ballads and Leonie Collins’ Titanic themed theatre troupe’s performance of ‘A Night to Remember’ depicted a musical and theatrical account of Titanic’s guests and crew on her final night.

“Glenn Shorrock is an iconic Australian singer-songwriter who was a founding member of pop groups The Twilights, Axiom and Little River Band as well as having an established career as a solo performer and his attendance and performance in Macau will represent Titanic II’s ties with Australia.”

Titanic II, a full scale version of the original ship, is being designed by the Finnish-based Deltamarin ship design and marine engineering company and will be built by leading Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling Shipyard, which since 1996 has built vessels for customers from more than 20 countries.

While every bit as luxurious as the original, Titanic II will have every modern amenity along with 21st century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems. Upon completion, she is scheduled to set sail from China to Southampton in 2016 before commencing her maiden passenger voyage from Southampton to New York along her original route.

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