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Blue Star Line

Deltamarin To Manage Titanic II Project Development


Blue Star Line Pty Ltd Chairman Mr Clive Palmer has announced the shipping
company has signed a contract with Deltamarin for the project development phase for the
Titanic II project.

Blue Star Line has undertaken the task of building Titanic II, a replica of the original RMS
Titanic, which is scheduled to sail from Southampton to New York on her maiden passenger
voyage in 2016.

Titanic II, a full scale version of the original ship, is being designed by the Finland-based
Deltamarin and will be built by leading Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling Shipyard, which
since 1996 has built vessels for customers from more than 20 countries

Mr Palmer said the new contract with Deltamarin was signed this month and covers a
detailed schedule of events including the commencement of construction and the keel

“The scope of work for the contract includes the establishment of project steering
committees and a management team,” he said.

“Deltamarin will be responsible for coordinating the various parties involved in the project
including the shipyard, architects, interior designers and operations managers.”
Mr Palmer said Deltamarin will undertake a full review of the Titanic II project to
ensure the vessel will be compliant with all current safety and construction regulations.

While every bit as luxurious as the original, Titanic II will have every modern amenity along
with 21st century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems.


Acctuly that’s not a bad idea

The Blue Star Line should also Purchase and Restore the SS United States as a Classic Liner to Sister the Titanic II because a Shipping Line should have more than one Ship!

I would love to be on that Maiden Voyage. All my life I’ve read old news clips, books, saw the movies, Saw the Documentary’s anything and everything that was available I tried to watch read or listen too.

I Believe Clive is right that this is a Global want maybe even a necessity, To see, to believe in, to cheer about ,to love and want to be part of Something Bigger then the dreams itself and to want it to succeed and be a part of it !! well would just be a want and Dream come true…


É uma pena, deveriam ouvir.

Há vários itens que identificam o Titanic II como imbatível. Alguns pontos perfilados: tecnologia, segurança dentre tantos. Afirma o Sr. Cliver, que não afundará por ser construido com soldas e não rebites. Diz que fará a mesma rota que o Titanic I.

Adjetivo – mesma = única, uma só.

Estará terminado em 2016 a 104 anos do ano 1912. (104 x 3 = 312) cm, estatura de Golias que foi vencido por Davi que venceu o Titanic I. Acredite se quiser, Sou apenas um louco que pensa.